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Our interest with all things Korean started in 2018 with our niche based clothing company representing fans of Korean drama across the United States and Australia.


We soon discovered our customers were a unique kind of fan. They were looking for something more than just a t-shirt or coffee mug. Many were from that often neglected older fan base who were searching for their very own place to meet other KDrama fans just like themselves.


This was a fan base we liked and wanted to serve, so KDG soon evolved into a matured aged community of fans sharing their love of Korean drama within our online platforms. We called our community KDG KDrama Nation to distinguish ourselves from any other KDrama Nation groups out there.


As our community continued to grow, we added new events and services geared to our customer demographics. These included our Gabfests, Book Club, Game Nights and much more.

Our newest venture is our paid language courses where members can learn Korean at their own pace in bite sized pieces.


We keep things simple for our language courses where we focus on just the essentials so that members can develop their pronunciation and listening skills first. This means moving onto grammar only when they have built their vocabulary enough to find grammar meaningful. This way they achieve grammar profiency by using the words they have learnt in their first months of vocabulary development.


Our "bite sized" approach has been called radical by other language schools who want to lead with grammar first. However, we've never travelled the paths set by everyone else. Instead, we've always blazed our own trails. For example, most of our teachers are not native speakers, because they also know first hand the difficulties that non-native speakers have when learning Korean. In that sense, they've already walked a mile in the shoes of our members, and share our bite-sized learning philosophy.


Indeed our goal is to help our members learn so each month they can understand more of what is being said in Korean dramas. Eventually, we hope they learn enough to have the confidence to communicate in Korean when they finally visit South Korea.


So if you're ready to start your Korean language journey then make sure to join our community today!

We do look forward to see you soon!

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